Special Occasion 

Why choose

Simplicity Salon 

Simplicity Salon has done many wedding parties from inside the salon to traveling to other New England States.  We have never said NO to any Bride unless we were already committed to another wedding party which would always be unfortunate to us we love being there on that special occasion to help celebrate your day as a new bride to be.

Special Occasion Pricing 

School Dances and Prom Occasions

School Occasion Hair

Pre-k to 2nd grade $20-30

3rd to 4th grade $30-$40

5th grade to 6th grade $40-$50

7th grade to 8th grade $50-$60

9th grade to 10th grade $60-$70

11th grade to 12th grade $70-$80

This is a brief item description.


Complimentary Consultation 

Formal Application / Prom $40-$50

Step by Step $55-$65

Adolescent Lesson (preteen) $35

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All other special occasion Up-do or Formal styling is offered 


Wedding Hair 

Additional fees apply to on-site 


Deposit & cancellation 

policy is as follows:

1. $25 traveling fee per person and per service (hair and makeup)

2. 50% deposit for total amount of 

party will be taken at the time of 

the booking

3. there will be no refund for 

cancellation of less than 6 months 

in advance of booking

Wedding Pricing

Brides $150

Maid of Honor $125

Bridesmaids $100

Junior Bridesmaid $75

Flower Girl $35-$50

Mother of the Bride / Groom 


Wedding Makeup

Bride $100

Bridesmaids / Others $75

False eye lashes upcharge applies to wedding makeup $10


GREAT HAIR doesn't happen by chance,

it happens BY APPOINTMENT only.